The world famous Santorini, one of the Cycladic islands positioned at the edge of the Aegean sea, has a lot to offer to its visitors. Its magnificent setting on the rim of the volcano makes it a unique and a favorite spot for holidays in Greece, if not worldwide.

Santorini Island: everything you need to know

Many people are visiting this volcanic island every year, just to capture a few colorful and silent moments that mother nature offers during sunset. Colorful Santorini with its Black, Red and White beaches, coves and reeves. The considerable variety of Santorini's grapes, cultivated with minimal irrigation under the Mediterranean sun and hit by the salty breeze of the sea gives them a distinctive grade in wine production.

Santorini the island of unique architecture and design, the island of culture and history. Santorini Greece, not only is the ideal holiday delight offering its visitors relaxation but also a taste of adventure, romance and fun.

Useful info

  • Bus Service: +30 22860 25404+30 22860 25404
  • Taxi Service: +30 22860 22555-23951
  • Police: +30 22860 22649+30 22860 22649
  • Port Authorities: +30 22860 22239+30 22860 22239
  • Hospital: +30 22860 22237+30 22860 22237
  • Municipality of Thira: +30 22860 22231+30 22860 22231
  • Prehistoric museum: +30 22860 23217+30 22860 23217
  • Archaelogical museum: +30 22860 22217+30 22860 22217


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